Professional room acoustics in the smallest of spaces for the new Peak B-Studio

Small room. Great acoustics!

mbakustik GmbH planned and implemented professional acoustics in a small space in one of Europe’s leading online audio mixing and mastering studios.


The audio mastering is the final control point before the publication of a professional studio music production. Therefore, it places extremely high demands on the quality of the monitoring environment. In other words, one can perceive even the finest sound nuances. In addition to the selection of the right speakers (A Dutch & Dutch 8c speaker system is used in Peak’s B Studio, a high-precision monitor that can be perfectly adapted to the room acoustics and is characterized by extraordinary musicality and attention to detail.) and a well-trained audio mastering ear, this in particular concerns the acoustic design of the mastering control room. The professional room acoustics in the smallest of spaces.

With his Peak – Studios, owner Chris Jones has established a strong place among the top European mastering studios over the last few years. He worked together with renowned artists like Van Halen, Percy Sledge, Eminem (D12), Cypress Hill (B Real), Cheryl Studer (Grammy Award Winner), and many others.



Hence, we were particularly pleased that he contacted us with his demanding studio acoustics project. His new B-Studio in Würzburg presented us with special acoustics planning and implementation challenges due to the limited room size of less than 15 square meters. Consequently, the personal contact and acoustic quality of all measures were the focus of our work.

Individual acoustics planning with the customer

Firstly, we asked Chris to brief us on his individual requirements for his new B-Studio. Secondly, we wanted to know what Peak Studios actually are, what they stand for, and how they differ from other studios. Because it’s very important for us to understand the personality and philosophy of a studio and its owner. This is the only way we can later incorporate this knowledge into all our project considerations. Together we have found the optimal balance between acoustical perfection, visual design, and project budget.

Detailed recording of room resonances (Eigenmodes)

Thirdly, we determined the dominant “eigenmodes” (room resonances) by means of a so-called modal analysis at a personal on-site meeting in the studio space and carried out an initial room acoustic design plan on this detailed basis.


Given the small room of my new B-studio, I wanted to explore maximum limits of a perfect room acoustics. Therfore, the only option in Europe was the cooperation with mbakustik GmbH. To work with the entire team was a great journey into the fascinating world of studio acoustics. Besides the actual measurement and planning, there were no alternatives to the original acoustic modules from mbakustik GmbH. Frankly, I did not want to make any compromises in terms of efficiency and quality.


Chris Jones, CEO Peak – Studios, 2021


Picture of Peak - Studio's B-Studio with professional room acoustics in the smallest of spaces


An incredibly natural and at the same time precise sound, in which the Dutch & Dutch speakers also have a large share. Authentic, neutral, and at the same time very musical.


Markus Bertram, Owner mbakustik GmbH, 2021


Production in mbakustik’s in-house manufactory

Lastly, after everything was discussed and approved, the custom-production of all individual acoustic elements took place in our in-house acoustic manufactory. All work, from the carpentry to the upholstery to the sewing, was lovingly handcrafted. Thanks to permanent quality controls, a reliable and high-quality result could be guaranteed.

In the design of the B-Studio, we used “TrapCore” type bass traps and “A115” type broadband absorbers. We have also installed an absorbent special ceiling sail.


Picture of Markus Bertram from mbakustik GmbH and Chris Johnes from Peak - Studios for Projekt B-Studio 2021

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mbakustik modal analysis

mbakustik broadband absorber A100/A115

mbakustik broadband “ceiling sail’ absorber

mbakustik bass trap „Trapcore“

mbakustik room acoustics design planning


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