It is not our objective to sell a ready-made concept over and over again. We determine the optimum balance between acoustic quality, design and budget for every single project.

Our work includes classical engineering services such as planning and acoustic measurements as well as  the fabrication and installation of acoustic products on location. From the first consultation until the installation of the last screw, your project manager controls the entire process. Since 1996 we plan and implement sound studios and other high-quality acoustic environments throughout Europe. Use our experience for your project.



Maximal planning reliability due to measurement and on-site consultation.

We measure in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations and create a significant and comprehensible report. We explain and discuss possibilities for improving the room acoustics on location. Knowledge of the acoustical status quo enables us to predict the performance of acoustic corrective actions.


We manufacture in northern Germany.

In our carpentry and sewing room around Osnabrück we guarantee a reliable and high quality manufacturing. For our skilled craftsmen tailor-made solutions determine daily work.



Our planning is based on the user’s needs.

Being acoustic consultants we are in charge of integrating room acoustical elements in demanding environments. We manage your project from the first sketch to fully animated 3D visualization. Our calculations provide concrete predictions, we define acoustic targets and present options to achieve these targets.



Our experienced technicians are working throughout Europe.

The experience of our technicians ensures a smooth implementation of the acoustic actions and ensures the technically correct installation which is a prerequisite for the effectivity of many acoustic modules. We are building Europe’s recording studios, film mixing studios, mastering studios, private cinemas and concert halls.


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