Professional Room Acoustics

As an experienced engineering office and craft business, we have been planning and implementing individual room acoustics since 1996. Our services include professional studio acoustics and acoustics in commercial properties and private homes, as well as other acoustic optimisations throughout Europe.

Passion and Experience

    We are at home where music and technology, art and physics, sound and architecture meet.

According to this motto, we start projects with classic engineering services such as acoustic planning and measurement. Following in-house production and assembly of all individual acoustic components. Finally, the turnkey handover of the finished acoustic project to the customer. Thus, we control the entire process from the first consultation through hand-drawn sketches and animated 3D visualisations to the assembly of the last screw.

Because it is not our goal to realise acoustic optimisations based on a previously used concept, we determine the optimal balance between acoustic quality, design and budget for each project. Accordingly, we measure to the relevant industry standards and regulations and thus create a meaningful and understandable acoustic report. We then discuss this in detail with our customer in order to show all possibilities for improving the room acoustics. The “status quo” determined in this way ensures a high level of planning security when predicting and implementing the effectiveness of all-acoustic corrective measures.

90% of the sound quality is determined by the room.


Therefore, we lovingly handcraft our acoustic modules for all acoustic corrective measures in northern Germany. This means our acoustic manufactory consists of a joinery, upholstery and sewing shop in the Osnabrück area.  For that reason reliable and high-quality production can be guarantee. In addition, the vast experience of our fitters and drywall builders guarantee a smooth implementation of the acoustic planning. Accordingly, this procedure ensures the technically correct installation, which is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of many acoustic optimisations.


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