Give your home a first-class acoustics.

Whether it’s the noisy living area with an open kitchen, the home theatre in the basement or the high end audio system in an architect-designed house – there are many reasons to ask an acoustic professional for advice and assistance.

Custom Acoustic Concepts

Being both an engineering office and handicrafts enterprise we provide comprehensive care for acoustically demanding projects. Designers and technicians are cooperating on an individual solution for your project.

Now private customers can benefit from the experience in the acoustic optimization of rooms we have gained in hundreds of studio projects in recent years. And the differences between a professional recording studio and a hifi listening room are often lower than expected.

We cover all services with planning and measuring, manufacture and installation , and, if required, we can operate as the general contractor.

Of course, we treat „small inquiries“, requiring only a few hours of work, with the same top planning standard.

Project: Fairland CineDOM

A great basement room with a ceiling height of almost 3.50 m and 9.80 m length – these are almost ideal conditions to create a new FAIRLAND CINEMA reference class home theatre.

Hifi06Project: Dynaudio

Design and realization of an acoustic reference space for a reference speaker manufacturer.


Product: A700 Absorber

This highly effective broadband absorber from our own production can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and is printable.

Product: RPG Omniffusor

This 2D diffuser is made of non-flammable fiberglass reinforced gypsum or MDF and can be veneered on request.

Project: listening space with an “acoustic cabinet wall”

A lively, yet controlled sounding room, in which you also like staying when the music is off.

Home Acoustics Group

adjust your room – not your standards
Bundled competence for your Hi End or home theatre project

Product: Acoustic Curtains

These sound-absorbing special curtains reliably prevent reflections, reduce the reverberation time and thus optimize the acoustics in a residential area, Hi End listening rooms and home theatres.


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