Concentration needs Silence

Whether call center or nursery, restaurant or office – wherever people work and communicate, room acoustics plays a major role.

Custom Acoustic Concepts

Being both an engineering office and handicrafts enterprise we provide comprehensive care for acoustically demanding projects. Designers and technicians are cooperating on an individual solution for your project.

Benefit from many years of experience in the acoustic optimization of offices, schools and day care centers, restaurants, conference and seminar rooms, doctors’ offices and law firms, call centers as well as reception and waiting areas.

We cover all services with planning and measuring, manufacture and installation, and, if required, we can operate as the general contractor.

Of course, we treat „small inquiries“, requiring only a few hours of work, with the same top planning standard.

Product: A700 Absorber

The A700 is a highly effective sound absorber for ambitiously designed environments and can dramatically improve the acoustic quality of a room.


Project: ENT Centre Neuss

We have optimized the room acoustics of a foyer used as a waiting and reception area of a medical center in Neuss.

Product: Acoustic Curtain

These sound-absorbing special curtains reliably prevent reflections, reduce the reverberation time and thus optimize the acoustics in seminar rooms and offices, schools and daycare centers.

Project: Community Centre Nuremberg

Our contribution in the acoustic optimization of this multimedia hall included measurements on location, acoustic design as well as the supply and installation of acoustic products.

Measurement and Consultation on Location

We measure all relevant acoustical parameters like reverberation times, sound pressure levels and speech intelligibilities and advise on appropriate corrective procedures.

Acoustic Design

We create room acoustic concepts and test their effectivity by physical models. We develop proposals to design, to format and position of the acoustic modules and are aware of architecture, work flow and economy.


In cooperation with our partners, we provide delivery on time and professional installation.


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