Professional studio acoustics in a limited space for the new Stil & Bense Studio

mbakustik GmbH planned and cleverly implemented professional studio acoustics in a limited space for the new recording studio of the techno vibe artists STIL & BENSE.


Bild von mbakustik GmbH neues Studio für Stil & Bense


Our new studio makes a huge difference to our productions. It’s a place where I feel very comfortable and in which I trust acoustically blindly that I can deliver my tracks in a highly professional manner with a clear conscience.

Dr. Arne Bense abut his new studio for Stil & Bense



Of course, control rooms are ideally large, have high ceilings and an axis of symmetry. It is often our task to create a professional working environment in less than ideal rooms despite the limited space and finite budget. The result is impressive: a small but very fine room that was converted into a professional studio with manageable effort.


Bild von mbakustik GmbH neues Studio für Stil & Bense


It was extremely important to us to have an acoustically workable space for our techno & house projects that doesn’t feel like a temporary solution.

Dr. Arne Bense – Stil & Bense


Bild von mbakustik GmbH neues Studio für Stil & Bense




About 2/3 of the length of the available space has a clearly sloping roof. The only door is at the front. It was therefore essential to shift the stereo axis to the right and to position as many broadband absorbers as possible in the front part of the room in order to damp longitudinal and transverse modes as best as possible. This was the only way we could meet the demands for professional studio acoustics in a limited space.


Bild der Stil&Bense Studio CAD Zeichnung erstellt von der mbakustik GmbH


mbakustik GmbH products


After the modal analysis in the untreated room, we decided on prefabricated broadband bass traps of type B550B and broadband absorbers of type A115. A custom-made TrapCore bass absorber is used in the window niche on the left side wall. On the right side wall and on the ceiling, A115 absorbers avoid direct reflections.


About Stil & Bense


Bild von Stil & Bense


Stil & Bense (Einmusika / Poesie / Get Physical) from Osnabrück (GER) rely on deep techno vibes and housey disco melodies. Tom and Arne are two perfectly complementary artists, both coming from two completely different backgrounds: While Tom Stil is known as an experienced and passionate DJ for his pumping, melodic sets, Dr. Arne Bense shares his wide-ranging musical knowledge. The combination of these two versatile artist characters with their different styles creates a unique sound. The result is collaborations with artists such as Bakermat, Piemont or Fritz Kalkbrenner. In addition, their tracks can be found in the playlists of well-known DJs such as Pete Tong, Kölsch or Markus Kavka.


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