Professional studio acoustics in private home

Trusting cooperation and reliable cost control from start to finish

mbakustik GmbH has planned and implemented professional studio acoustics in a private home for the proud owner.


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We are often asked whether we also look after recording studios that are to be built as part of the construction of a private family home. In fact, we are very happy to do this, because the clients almost always want to “do everything right from the start”. And it is our preferred approach as it allows us to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The geometry of a basement room, the arrangement of the studio rooms in the floor plan, and last but not least the construction of the shell contribute significantly to the achievable acoustic quality of the future studio. We are therefore very happy to be involved in the design process at an early stage in order to avoid any mistakes as far as possible.


We are absolutely delighted with the professional planning and implementation of our recording studio and the uncomplicated organization.

Karl-Heinz B. I Westfalen 



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Finest acoustic insulation for private homes


As usual in such cases, the plans for the professional studio acoustics in private homes were accompanied by compromises.

A private recording room in the basement rarely has a ceiling height of six meters or offers space for a ventilation system suitable for a studio. The sophisticated acoustic insulation was crucial for Mr. B. and his young family. The drumming in the basement should not be audible in the densely built-up neighborhood or in the house itself. No compromises were wanted at this point. Therefore, after improving the building acoustics of the massive existing shell with suitable soundproof windows, we built a closed and spring-loaded room-in-room construction (RiR). That meets these high building acoustics requirements. A double door system, soundproof windows in the inner shell, and simple but effective ventilation to the anteroom ensure that there is also a minimum of daylight and adequate ventilation.


Our demanding wishes were fully implemented by mbakustik GmbH with impressive budget compliance. We really enjoy our exclusive recording studio. It allows me to play the drums at night when our baby is sleeping upstairs.

Karl-Heinz B. I Westfalen 


Bild von Markus Bertram Geschäftsfuehrer der mbakustik GmbH

The client’s desire to do everything right from the start is our preferred approach.

Markus Bertram I mbakustik GmbH


Used mbakustik products


The room acoustics expansion with mbakustik broadband absorbers of the type A115 including LED strips and mbakustik diffusers of the type D300 ensures a studio-ready sound in the room.




Forward-looking planning guarantees options and prevents unpleasant surprises


Incidentally, the anteroom of the recording room is designed as a control room but has not yet been fully developed. This is also not unusual. The home is planned for a more professional studio operation and can – depending on wishes and budget – be gradually expanded. The holistic studio planning then ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises to be feared. And with the long, maybe lifelong use of a home, it definitely pays to plan ahead.



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Verwendete mbakustik GmbH Produkte

Breitbandabsorber A115

Diffusor D300


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