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Absorber A100

Sound absorber from our own production with colored fabric covering

Broadband absorbers of the type A100 ‘swallow’ incident sound and have been installed by countless recording studios since 1996. In the recording studio they are used on the wall or ceiling of control and recording rooms. Broadband absorbers avoid direct reflections, reduce reverberation, increase the spatial resolution, reduce comb filter effects and are able to improve the stereo image significantly.

In many other applications these absorbers increase the speech intelligibility and lower the volume, for example in

  • call centers, offices and lounges
  • seminar and lecture rooms
  • day care centres and schools
  • event and concert spaces
  • restaurants, cinemas, doctor’s offices and law offices

Until 2015 we operated this product by the name BAB.

For small recording rooms we recommend the HR option with high frequency reflections.


Frontwand des Carpe Diem Studio 1 mit A115 Breitbandabsorbern


A100 Breitbandabsorber in der Mischregie H. Wagener

A100 wall and ceiling absorber in the mixing control room H. Wagener

Wandmodule A115 oberhalb Rezeption in einer HNO Praxis

Wall-mounted module A100 above the reception of an ENT office


A100 wall absorbers in a day care centre

Recording room 2 of the Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg Wall and ceiling absorbers Typ A100

Recording room 2 of the Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg. Wall and ceiling absorbers Typ A100
Photo: Steffen Schmidt



Product information

Data sheet A100

Ceiling installation sheet A100

Price list A100


The A100 is manufactured either in one of four standard formats or customised in Germany.

The two versions A105 and A115 differ in the lower cut-off frequency; the A115 is a real broadband absorber and can be used from about 80 Hz to reduce modal effects such as booming or cancellations.



In addition to wall mounting with a perforated back panel and hooks, we also offer four practical options of mounting the A100 as a ceiling sail: using a mounting plate with Velcro, a magnet system, spiral hooks and spiral hooks including wire rope and carabiner hooks.

Detailed information on wall and ceiling mounting can be found in the A100 data sheet and A100 ceiling installation sheet.



Image of mbakustik GmbH manufactory in Osnabrueck

The A100 is handcrafted to a high standard in our in-house acoustics factory in Germany.

Color palette

according to Colour Card AT

Colour Card AT

Technical details

Please refer to the Datasheet A100 for details
Broadband sound absorber module
available as wall or ceiling version
Custom or standard measures up to 215 x 120 cm
A105: 5,5 cm
A110: 10,5 cm
A115: 15,5 cm


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