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Color palette
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Diffusor D300

Solid wood Diffusor Modules made in Germany for control rooms, HiFi and home cinema

During the past years high quality diffusor modules have regained great popularity in audio rooms with good cause. While absorbers provide precision and authenticity playback, Diffusors increase the vitality and spatiality of the sound field. The incident sound is neither absorbed nor reflected, but spread in as many directions as possible.

Due to this densification of the sound field we get a more natural sound for mastering- and control rooms, HiFi sounds more lively and three-dimensional. Home cinemas benefit as well since diffusor modules increase the “acoustical wrapping” by spreading the surround channels – the cineaste is part of the movie. Also tracking- and concert rooms sound more open, natural and bigger than they actually are.

The D300 is a two-dimensional diffusor module which spreads the sound field in two dimensions and is designed for an approximate frequency range of 500 Hz to 4 kHz. Other than the diffusor modules made of rigid foam the D300 is not just produced in a sustainable way and is therefore extremely robust, but visually pleasing as well. Moreover solid wood absorbs less high frequencies compared to other materials

Product information

pdf-icon-copy-min D300 EN

Diffusor D300 natur

Diffusor D300 nature unpainted


Color palette

D300 black stained, special colours from a quantity of 20 pieces

Diffusor D300 schwarz

Diffusor D300 black

Technical details

Principle: asymmetric 2D QRD diffusor module (Schröder principle), Prime number 13, 169 blocks, fully assembled

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 15,2 cm

Material: Blocks solid spruce unpainted, base plate 12 mm birch veneer plywood

Weight: approx. 14,3 kg

Minimum gap: 90 cm to listening position or microphone position

Spreading: from approx. 570 Hz

Diffusion: approx. 1 – 4 kHz


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