The optimization of the Futureaudio recording studio

Futureaudio GmbH works as an international distributor for music, film and TV, as a music publisher and oversees music productions of all genres.

Electronic music is primarily produced, mixed and mastered in the company’s own studio in Buchholz near Hamburg. To make this possible in professional recording-quality, together with managing director Christian Quast we have carefully executed an optimization of his recording studio acoustics.


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Futureaudio Recording Studio – Copyright © Bert Silzner, silznerbert@gmail.com


It was extremely important to me to commission a recognized acoustics professional with regard to optimizing the studio acoustics. I realized how quickly you can get lost on the internet with all the information that is available on professional studio acoustics. It can save a lot of time and headaches if you at least have a professional room-concept created, regardless of whether you then build the absorbers yourself or order them at the same time. Every room is different and the individually correct solution cannot be found on the internet.

Christian Quast I CEO Futureaudio GmbH


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CAD Drawing 2D Top I Project Futureaudio Recording Studio


The basis for the optimization of a professional recording studio is a modal analysis


As in most cases, the planning was based on a modal analysis that provided information about the bass behavior of the control room. Due to the almost square shape of the room and the rather low ceiling height, strong modal effects were observed. We have therefore installed custom-made TrapCore bass absorbers in all four corners of the room, which are effective from a cut-off frequency of around 30 Hz. In addition, broadband bass traps of type B650B are used on the side walls and the rear wall, on the ceiling an A115 MAX1 ceiling absorber with magnetic attachment prevents direct reflections.


bild mbakustik GmbH Projekt Futureaudio Studio Entwurf CAD 2D top view

CAD Drawing 3D Top X-Ray I Project Futureaudio Recording Studio


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CAD Drawing 3D X-Ray I Project Futureaudio Recording Studio


Thanks to long wavelengths, the bass bends around objects in the room


There are numerous keyboard stands in front of the bass absorbers, which is not a problem at all acoustically. Due to the long wavelengths, the basses bend around the technology and reach the bass absorbers behind them almost undamped. The control room not only remains ergonomically usable, but thanks to the room acoustics measures, it now functions as a professional mixing and mastering station.


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Futureaudio Recording Studio – Copyright © Bert Silzner, silznerbert@gmail.com


The result is great – it’s just a great sound! The quality of the absorbers and all other acoustic components from mbakustik are really great and I am very happy with the overall result. But above all, that we did it together, was really fun. From the planning to the delivery and implementation on site, everything was absolutely perfect and a great pleasure. Thank you for your great effort and great work.

Christian Quast I CEO Futureaudio GmbH




About Futureaudio GmbH


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The aim of Futureaudio GmbH is to work successfully with its customers over the long term. To do this, they combine personal service with future-oriented technology. We have a long-standing, international sales network including all relevant services in the areas of music, film, TV and e-books. They sell and license digital content of all kinds across genres. They also produce physical sound carriers and have an affiliated music publisher.

Furthermore, Futureaudio GmbH is the partner for high-quality music productions of all genres with a focus on in-house productions.

Over the past 25 years they have built a strong platform of artists, labels, digital & physical distribution partners supporting their business activities worldwide. With their various in-house labels, analogue & digital music studios and many years of experience in artist & label management, brand development and marketing, they have comprehensive skills for the professional development and successful placement of music content of all genres.

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