Gospel-Christian community Schlangen

Acoustic optimization of a community hall – measuring, planning and realization in one hand

When we first entered the community hall of the Gospel-Christian community in Schlangen, we saw a luminescent space created with a lot of commitment of the community members. We wanted to maintain that character by all means even when it quickly turned out during the measurement on site that extensive acoustic measures would be necessary. This applies both to good speech intelligibility in all seats as well as a high acoustic quality for audiovisual contributions, theatre, etc.

Our services in this project:

  • Reverberation time measurements before and after implementation of room acoustics
  • Development of various acoustic designs, acoustic simulations and visualization of interiors
  • Products used: Sound absorbers A105 and A110, Acoustic curtain AV12

further information

Paul Traut, sound engineer at ECG Schlangen:

„We have moved in the new building and were looking forward to successful events in our new community hall. However, we quickly found out, that a high quality sound system alone is insufficient for listening pleasure during lectures and music programs if the room acoustics are wrong.

When we decided to hire a professional for acoustic planning, we quickly chose mbakustik. The communication was friendly yet professional since the first contact, agreements were reliable and last but not least planning and execution met our requirements in the best way.”


Sound absorbing curtains type AV12 on stage

Sound absorbing curtains type AV12 on stage

Wall-mounted custom-sized A100 sound absorbers fit the room design perfectly

Wall-mounted custom-sized A100 sound absorbers fit the room design perfectly


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