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Professional room acoustics in the smallest of spaces for the new Peak B-Studio

Small room. Great acoustics! mbakustik GmbH planned and implemented professional acoustics in a small space in one of Europe’s leading online audio mixing and mastering …

Jun 2021

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High-end acoustics for Rammstein guitarist

When we are asked to acoustically optimize a studio room that we neither planned nor built ourselves, it is a rather thankless task at first. …

Mar 2020

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Home Cinema Wave Maxx

  In addition to the main speakers and four subwoofers in the SBA array the front wall behind the acoustically transparent screen houses our proven …

Aug 2018

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Cosinus at Stockfish Records

One of the first Cosinus analogue Filter Systems was installed for Günter Pauler and his team at Pauler Acoustics. So we realized small but important corrections at …

Mar 2017

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Blessville Studio

Damit Chris auch spät in der Nacht ungehemmt bei hohen Pegeln arbeiten kann, haben wir in dem Wohnhaus – einer ehemaligen Ziegelfabrik aus dem 18. …

Mar 2018

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Seminarhotel Schloss Etelsen

The authentically restored Etelsen castle from the 19th century is now a representative seminar and conference hotel in which the Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft is …

Jun 2015

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Project Tujamo

Being a successful DJ and music producer, our customer feels at home in the metropolises of this world but lives and works in an urban …

Mar 2017

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Fairland Cinema – Auditorium

For this “Fairland Custom Reference” home cinema we cooperated with Auditorium in Munster and our partner Fairland in acoustic design. We installed a Single-Bass-Array and …

Jun 2015

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Henning Verlage / Principal Studios

As an addition to natural light from the windows, Henning wanted a cozy, indirect lighting. So we installed LED strips on all of the A100 …

May 2015

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Gospel-Christian community Schlangen

When we first entered the community hall of the Gospel-Christian community in Schlangen, we saw a luminescent space created with a lot of commitment of …

Apr 2015

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