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Diffusor D517

“Made in Germany” diffusor for recording studios, HiFi rooms und home cinemas

The D517 as a one-dimensional diffuser scatters the incident sound in one dimension and is designed for the frequency range between about 670 Hz and 6.4 kHz. Compared to diffusers made of rigid foam, the D517 is not only sustainably produced and far less sensitive, but also optically higher quality.

High-quality diffusers have been enjoying growing popularity in audio room equipment for several years, and for good reason. While absorbers ensure precision and authenticity in reproduction, diffusers increase the liveliness and spatiality of a sound field. The incident sound is neither absorbed nor simply reflected, but broken into many small sound rays and spatially distributed.

The compression of the diffuse sound field resulting from the increase in the reflection density ensures natural-sounding control and mastering rooms; Hi-Fi rooms sound more lively and spatial. The home cinema also benefits enormously, because only diffusers create a “coating” through the surrounding channels; the cineaste is right in the middle of the action. Recording and rehearsal rooms, as well as concert halls, sound more open, natural, and larger than they actually are.

Equally suitable for Hi-Fi, home-cinema, and recording studio applications.

Due to the cooperation with well-known German and Austrian manufacturers of decorative panels, a variety of decors are available. Whether plain colors, wood decors, or fantasy decors, there are no limits to the imagination. The D517 is available from stock in white-grey or diamond-grey. Special decors can be offered at an extra cost of €200 net per package (€100 net per diffuser). The surcharge does not apply to a purchase of at least 30 diffusers (15 packages).

Product information

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Bild mbakustik GmbH Diffusor D517 in natur

Diffusor D517 NATURE (special color)

Color palette

Weissgrau (weiss) und Diamantgrau (Schwarz)

(Sonderfarben ab 20 Stück)

Bild mbakustik GmbH Diffusor D517 in weiss

Diffusor D517 WHITE-GREY (white)

Bild mbakustik GmbH Diffusor D517 in grau

Diffusor D517 DIAMOND-GREY (black)

Technical details

Principle: 1D-QRD-diffusor module (Schröder principle) for a uniform diffusion over a wide frequency range.

Format: 59,5 x 59,5 x 14,6 cm (LxWxD)

The depth of 14.6 cm fits perfectly to the A115 Broadband-Absorber.

Material: 8mm decorative panel

The use of decorative panels offers a number of advantages:

    • resistant to mechanical influences (scratches or abrasion),
    • easy to clean and maintain,
    • environmentally friendly and recyclable,
    • proven furniture construction quality,
    • better resistance to high and low temperatures as well as to UV radiation than untreated or lacquered real wood,
    • antibacterial

Weight: about 14 kg per unit

Diffusion: 672 – 6370Hz


MADE IN GERMANY. Short distances. Good for the environment.


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