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Absorber A100 HR

Sound absorber with high-frequency reflections for speech and vocal recordings

Small or very small recording rooms are usually used for recording speech and vocals and are highly sound-absorbing. However, due to too much height absorption, such rooms often sound unnaturally dull (“woollen blanket sound”). On the other hand, fewer absorbers are not a solution either, as otherwise too much space is absorbed by the recordings at mid and low frequencies. HR absorbers solve this problem.

For many years we have been using our HR absorbers in speech areas, vocal booths etc. This version of the A100 absorber features a sound-reflecting perforated plate behind the fabric covering, reflecting high-frequency sound. The designation HR stands for “High Reflection”. The result is a balanced, transparent and neutral sound image.

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Product information

Data sheet A100     Price list A100

The A100 is manufactured in one of nine standard sizes or made to measure in Germany. The three variants A105, A110 and A115 differ in the lower cut-off frequency; the A115 is a true broadband absorber and can be used from about 80 Hz. This reduces modal effects such as droning or cancellation.

The HR product variant is available in the standard format as A105 HR, A110 HR and A115 HR, special formats on request.

Color palette

Fabric covering according to colour chart AT

Farbkarte AT

Technical details

Data sheet A100

Broadband sound absorber
Sound absorber class A according to EN ISO 11654
Wall or ceiling mounting

Made to measure,
Standard formats up to a maximum of 215 x 120 cm

Building depth:
A105: 5,5 cm
A115: 15,5 cm

Simulation der Schallabsorption A115 und A115 HR im Vergleich

Simulation of sound absorption A115 and A115 HR in comparison



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