Anechoic chamber for Pass Medientechnik

Pass Medientechnik GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor for portable sound systems, mobile and portable speakers and UHF wireless technology.

For product development and quality control of the current production, the audio specialist wanted an anechoic room with high sound insulation values.

We have installed a sound insulation cabin in cooperation with our partner Desone and fitted it with additional sound-absorbing components. Sound isolation values of over 55 dB can be achieved this way. Inside the chamber 500 mm deep wedge absorbers were installed to walls, ceiling and floor of the room. The room is accessible by a floor grille.

These efforts have paid off: the resulting reverberation time is about 0,1 seconds and reaches values that are often found only in much bigger rooms.

A high quality acoustic measurement room which can even be moved in case of location change by its modular cabin structure. The cabin can be set up and disassembled various times.


Anechoic chamber

Anechoic chamber



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Reverberation time as PDF

Room Entrance

Room Entrance


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