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Noise Protection Curtains

Double- and triple-layer Soundproofing Curtains providing certified flammability

Under certain circumstances curtains can be deployed to increase the noise protection from and to the external world. Compared to the “classical” noise protection measures (noise protection doors, noise protection windows), curtains are only able to achieve relatively limited effects. However, a few factors favour the use of a curtain, in particular their high flexibility and their comparatively advantageous price.

Our curtains can be installed or dismantled within a very short time and are also suitable for rented properties and projects running for only a limited time. Curtains represent only a minimum intervention with regard to the built structure and produce hardly any installation costs, as the installation can usually be carried out by the user.

Acoustic-Satin AV30

triple-layer curtain with satin frontlayer, 750 g/m²
Sound Reduction Index
RW = 8 dB
R4kHz = 10,2 dB

Acoustic-Velvet AV32

triple-layer curtain with velvet frontlayer, 1.090 g/m²
Sound Reduction Index
RW = 11 dB
R4kHz = 14,7 dB

Sound Curtain SV12

triple-layer curtain with velvet frontlayer + extra heavy middle layer
made of cotton with acrylate backing, 1.440 g/m²
Sound Reduction Index
RW = 12 dB
R4kHz = 24,0 dB

Product information

Pricelist [caption id="attachment_1949" align="alignnone" width="370"]AV22, AV32 and SV12: Sound Reduction with and without Noise Protection Curtain in a doorway Sound Reduction with and without Noise Protection Curtain in a doorway[/caption] Find useful audio samples to demonstrate the efficiency here. Kindly use professional headphones or a high-end sound-system for optimised listening results: [audioalbum title="Auralisations" detail="Audio Samples" date=""] [audiotrack title="Traffic" songwriter="mbakustik" mp3="https://www.mbakustik.de/wp-content/uploads/Auralisation_sample_traffic_eng.mp3"] [audiotrack title="Music" songwriter="mbakustik" mp3="https://www.mbakustik.de/wp-content/uploads/Auralisation_sample_music_eng.mp3"] [audiotrack title="Speech" songwriter="mbakustik" mp3="https://www.mbakustik.de/wp-content/uploads/Auralisation_sample_speech_eng.mp3"]

Color palette

[one_half]AV10_Farbkarte AV30: Colour Card AV10 [/one_half][one_half_last]AV12_Farbkarte AV32/SV12: Colour Card AV12 [/one_half_last]

Technical details

Noise Protection Curtains Material: 100% polyester (Trevira CS) *) washable at 60°C *) permanently flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 tailor-made to size, seams on the sides, pocket for lead tape at the bottom, sewed heading tape at the top
*) SV12: middle layer made of cotton with acrylate backing, cleaning instructions on request.

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