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Acoustic Curtains

These specialized Acoustic Curtains prevent reflections, reduce reverberation and thus optimize the room acoustics in seminar and office rooms, schools and daycare facilities. They are also used in recording studios, hifi rooms and theatres worldwide.

Acoustic Curtains


Acoustic Curtain AV10

satin 200 g/m²
Class D Absorption
αW = 0,45

Acoustic Curtain AV13

Dobby 330 g/m²
Class C Absorption
αW = 0,75

Acoustic Curtain AV15

extra heavy velv. 520 g/m²
Class A Absorption
αW = 0,90


Acoustic Curtain AV20

satin 550 g/m²
Class C Absorption
αW = 0,70

Acoustic Curtain AV22

heavy velvet 720 g/m²
Class B Absorption
αW = 0,85

Acoustic Curtain AV25

extra heavy velv. 780 g/m²
add. black-out layer


Acoustic Curtain AV30

satin 750 g/m²
Class C Absorption
αW = 0,70

Acoustic Curtain AV32

velvet 1.090 g/m²
Class A Absorption
αW = 0,95

Noise Protection Curtains

Sound Curtain SV12

triple-layer velvet 1.440 g/m²
extra heavy middle-layer

Product information

An efficient room acoustics is a prerequisite for relaxed entertaining and efficient work. The ability to concentrate and efficiency in work and classrooms is also improved by this high-quality acoustic curtains as the speech intelligibility in meeting rooms.

All of our curtains are flame-retardant, washable and fulfil the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are therefore suitable for many applications in public areas.

All curtains are tailor-made individually – for this reason custom designs are not only possible without difficulty but a feature of our day-to-day working. Sewing is included in the price, our customers receive a ready-made curtain.

Color palette

Choose from four color charts with 95 different colors


Technical details

Material: 100% Polyester (Trevira CS)

Washable at 60°C, permanently flame retardent B1 according to DIN 4102

Tailor-made with drapery, pocket at the bottom (where lead weights (not included) can be inserted), sewed on top is a frizzle-binding or hook binding.

We also suply rails systems.


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