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Bass trap PSI AVAA

PSI AVAA C20 Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber
Active bass absorber with little space requirement

The AVAA attenuates eigenmodes (room resonances, standing waves) between 15 and 120 Hz. Like any (functioning) bass absorber, it initially works in the time domain by reducing low frequency decay and thus suppressing annoying booming. In addition, the spatial dependence of the sound field is reduced and the frequency response is linearised.

The special feature of the AVAA is its new operating principle: a built-in microphone measures the sound pressure in front of a micro-perforated membrane out of which it generates the control of a bass loudspeaker located behind it. In contrast to the “anti-noise principle”, no phase-inverted signal is generated here, which may be audible under certain circumstances and in extreme cases may also be disturbing. Instead, the loudspeaker is used to control the volume flow through the membrane in such a way that absorption is optimised. This is normally not only inaudible, but also leads to a particularly effective use of the cabinet volume. This makes the AVAA a small, unobtrusive bass absorber that does not require individual tuning.

Of course, the rules of physics also apply to the AVAA; as with passive bass absorbers, positioning in the sound field is crucial for success. In order to test the effectiveness of the AVAA under real conditions, we have carried out an extensive practical test in the Fairland Studio in Bochum.

We recommend to have the effectiveness in the concrete application case tested by us during an on-site visit without obligation


AVAA practical test

AVAA practical test.pdf (German language)

Product information

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Format: 42,4 x 30 x 50,9 cm (B x T x H)

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Case: black or white

Technical details

AVAA technical data sheet (German)

AES article AVAA (English)

effektive äquivalente Schallabsorptionsfläche (Herstellerangabe)

effective equivalent sound absorption area (manufacturer’s specification)


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