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Cosinus Analogue Room Correction

Analogue Filter and Bass Management including Phase Shifter for Mastering, analogue Mixing and HiFi

The low frequency behavior of acoustically small rooms (below 40 m2) is determined by room resonances (eigenmodes, standing waves) causing cancellations and booming. Bass traps – tuned or broadband – provide focused absorption and are effectively used for correction in control rooms, home theatres and HiFi rooms. If not enough traps can be used – due to insufficient space or budget – room correction filters are used for optimizing the frequency response at the listening position. Digital systems provide a huge amount of filter banks but ADDA Conversion between monitor control system or mixing desk and power amplifier is mandatory. That’s why we developed the Cosinus for ambitious users who don’t want any interference at this crucial point of the signal path.


  • Three bandpass filters with continuously adjustable level +/- 10 dB, continuously adjustable frequency between 20 and 240 Hz and Q-factor between von 0,3 and 10
  • 100% analogue without ADDA Conversion
  • Extreme neutral sound due to intelligent design and premium components
  • Compare mode guarantees minimum channel differences
  • Bandpass 1 can be used as x-over to generate low pass signals for subwoofer systems. Bandpass 2 and 3 can then be used for either the sub path or main monitors.
  • Phase shifter with adjustable phase and level to match phase of subwoofer and main monitors
  • Containing two consequently separated channels the Cosinus can drive stereo subwoofer systems.
  • Flexible routing due to separated connections for each filter segment
Routing Examples:

Three filters per channel, no subwoofer

Three filters per channel, no subwoofer

Two filters per channel, mono subwoofer

Two filters per channel, mono subwoofer

Zwei Subwoofer, je ein Filter pro Kanal und Subwoofer, Phasenkompensation im Kanal

One filter per channel, stereo subwoofer using one filter each, main
channel using phase shifter

Product information

pdf-icon-copy-min Data Sheet Cosinus

Price: 3278,- EUR + VAT

Cosinus Frontansicht

Cosinus Front View

Cosinus Phasensteller

Cosinus Phase Shifter


Beispiel: Frequenzgangkorrektur mit Cosinus Analogfilter

Example: Optimized frequency response using Cosinus analogue room EQ

Der COSINUS wird vom Studiotechnik-Entwickler Roger Schult nach den Anforderungen von mbakustik in Deutschland entwickelt und gefertigt.

The Cosinus has been developed
and is made in Germany
for mbakustik by Roger Schult

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Technical details

  • 19″ 2 RU
  • high channel separation (> 80 dB)
  • input (el. symm.) +6 dBu (max. +20 dBu) 10 kOhm
  • output (el. symm.) +6 dBu (max. +25 dBu) 40 Ohm
  • transmission band 0 dB (+0,1 / -0,2 dB)
  • SNR < 100 dB
  • noise UWTD / WTD < 91 dBq / < 81 dBq
  • THD+N / 0 dBu 0,007%
  • frequency range 20 Hz – 40 kHz (+/- 0,1 dB)

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