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Absorber A500

Elegant sound absorbers in four standard sizes and two solid-colored decorative fabrics for walls and ceilings

The A500 is a highly effective, broad-band sound absorber designed and manufactured in Germany. Every wall and ceiling module is covered with fabric available in two materials and currently 29 colours.

The A500 reduces the reverberation in event rooms, offices and lounges. It increases the speech intelligibility in seminar rooms and classrooms and decreases the noise level in daycare centers, schools and restaurants.

Unlike the A100, the external cover of the A500 is made from an aluminium frame which leads to improved stability and precise edge design. The frame itself is also covered, there are no visible wooden or metal frame parts.

Until 2015 we offered this product under the brand frog.uni.

Product information

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The absorber core of the A500 consits of extreme effective sound absorbing material which ensures the acoustic effect. This core is free from mineral fiber, chlorinated compounds, CFCs and halogens.

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Technical details


Sound absorber for wall or ceiling mounting
standard size up to 215 x 120 cm; custom available
overall depth 55 mm
Absorber core free of mineral fiber, chlorinated compounds, CFCs and halogens, B1 according to DIN 4102
Sound absorption class A, αW=0,95

Sound Absorption A500


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