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Double-Layer Acoustic Curtains

Soundabsorbing Curtains providing certified flammability and absorption

A pleasant room acoustics is a prerequisite for relaxed entertaining and efficient work. These high-quality acoustic curtains improve the speech intelligibility in meeting rooms and increase the ability to concentrate in working- and class-rooms.

All of our curtains are flame-retardant, washable and fulfil the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are therefore suitable for many applications in public areas. All curtains are tailor-made individually — for this reason custom designs are not only possible but a feature of our day-today working. Sewing is included in the price, our customers receive a readymade curtain.


double-layer curtain with
satin frontlayer, black-out

550 g/m²
Sound Absorption Class C, αW = 0,70


double-layer curtain with heavy
velvet frontlayer, black-out

720 g/m²
Sound Absorption Class B, αW = 0,85


double-layer curtain with extra
heavy velvet frontlayer, black-out
780 g/m²
Certificates not yet available

Information sur le produit

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Sound Absorption AV20, AV22 drapery 170%, distance to back wall 15 cm

Sound Absorption AV20, AV22 drapery 170%, distance to back wall 15 cm

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Specifications Double-Layer Acoustic Curtains

Sound Absorption: up to Class B
according to EN ISO 11654 αW = 0,85

Material: 100% polyester (Trevira CS)
washable at 60°C
permanently flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1

tailor-made to size, seams on the sides, pocket for lead tape at the bottom, sewed heading tape at the top

Sound Absorption Certificates for several wall distances:

Certificates for the AV25 are not yet available.