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ConEQ digital filter

Professional digital filter with a great price-performance ratio

The ConEQ APEQ-2Ppro DIO is a two channel digital filter for the correction of frequency responses in listening rooms. With help of the CONEQ Workshop Limited measure software (active one month after registration) which is included in delivery, the filter coefficients are determined and transferred into the device via USB. Afterwards the APEQ-2pro corrects the frequency response while stand-alone operation.
The manufacturer recommends the use of an unique measurement method of the acoustic performance, which is kind of a spacial averaging of the SOund energy.
Moreover it is possible to determine the filter parameters with an extern measure; we favour this method.

We would be happy to arrange a demonstration of the functionality of the ConEQ during a non-binding counselling interview. The actual data thus obtained using our demo filterrack you can purchase a new machine which will be tuned for your listening room.

Información sobre el producto

1.590 EUR + 19 % VAT and transport

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white / black / orange

Detalles técnicos

Number of channels: 2
filter length. Up to 4096 taps
Digital input/output (AES/EBU): XLR
Analouge input/output (Balanced): XLS, TRS (balanced)